….To the newest me from the Drosseldaisy in the past.

I remember that in the eighties, the word «new» was the word number one in use in most comersials and fashion magasines. It is something fresh about the word, something pure and worth buying/dying for.

The word «new» contains so many promises, that it won’t be like the old one, that it will be better than last time….but soon to be, the new is getting old and is always replaced with something new…the never/newer ending story keeps rolling on and on.

For me, my new smartphone is new but old for the world (the model is from last year or something). I love my new smartphone because of the sound capacity, I love the sound of a good sound/ or the noise of a good bass—– doesn’t matter if the sound is old since it is always new when it is played. Or is that more like replayed; not new play?  ….replayed, recycled, rewired, reborn, replaced…..something new is beeing repeated and makes it still new, doesn’t it? For example re-make means make something old new again, or am I completly nut here? I guess so…

Anyways, happy new Snake year!